Do these problems sound familiar to you?

Your child isn't learning at their level.
Your child has lost interest in school.
Your child isn't happy at school.
Your child's teacher can't accommodate his/her needs.

Montessori students learn through hands-on experience, investigation and research.  They become actively engaged in their studies, rather than passively waiting to be taught. - Tomorrow's Child Magazine

  • The Toddler Program

  • Learning through absorption
  • Independence
  • Self-direction
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-discipline
  • Socializing
  • Furthering language/vocabulary
  • Love for learning

  • The Primary Program

  • Strengthen your child's foundation for learning
  • Core essentials
  • Phonetics
  • Vocabulary
  • Alphabet
  • Sensory
  • Mathematics Preparation
  • Enhanced languange
  • Kindergarden
  • Culmination of skills for a solid academic foundation
  • Stairway to Elementary

  • The Elementary Program

  • Child chooses their own work
  • Child sets own learning pace
  • Cognitive & social development
  • Grouping encourages children to assist each other
  • Teacher has un-obtrusive role in class
  • Mainly individual instruction
  • Children discover concepts through their own work
  • Child can work on a project as long as they choose
  • Child learns from errors discovered in their own work